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I.D.S. Enterprises, Inc. is your trusted source for liquidating goods & growing your business through operational enhancements to improve cash flow.

Michael Schube, Founder and President of I.D.S. Enterprises, Inc. is experienced at all levels of the jewelry industry. He began on the ground floor sorting diamonds and colored stones. Taking on pricing and vendor negotiations or anything else asked of him taught him quickly that attention to detail and the needs of the customer are paramount. The unique opportunity to supply and manufacture for Costco Wholesale allowed the business to expand to a multi million dollar operation.

In 2003, Mr. Schube was recruited by America’s largest privately held pawnshop chain – SuperPawn of Las Vegas, Nevada to oversee the jewelry division. This position offered an opportunity to work with Steve Mack, President and CEO of SuperPawn and use his experience in mass liquidation of loose diamonds for top dollar, in refurbishment and repair of jewelry as well as jewelry valuation and merchandising.

SuperPawn was acquired by Cash America, Inc of Fort Worth, Texas in 2004. The demand for Mr. Schube’s expertise in mainstreaming liquidation processes lead to the formation of I.D.S. Enterprises, Inc. in 2006.

I.D.S. is ready and waiting to service your company’s needs.

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